Barbara Heffron Photography

"Blue Dream"

My love of photography began with images of my small town in Pennsylvania. As a child, I loved the old sepia photos of my Austrian and Ukrainian immigrant grandparents and their elders, where subjects stood ramrod tall and never smiled. These photos held a certain allure for me: visions of distant countries and exotic cultures, places to explore and people to meet, wondering about their story.

The energy of color, shape, light and texture blend together to invite one’s eye into the piece. Divine timing is a gift that presents the image at the most unexpected times. My "camera eye" is enhanced by intuitive painting and encaustic and abstract acrylic art. During the last few years, I’ve had the chance to travel to places near and far, experiencing those distant countries and cultures I dreamt about while viewing family photos. Looking at life’s offerings differently is my goal, the ordinary in far off countries and places close to home. Sharing these photos with you is pure joy.


2016 Image "Morning" in "Abstracted"Exhibit , Mpls Photo Center, MN

2015 Image "Blue Dream" in "Patterns in Nature" Exhibit, Mpls Photo Center, MN

Image "In Between" in MobileMagic Exhibit, Lightbox Photographic Gallery,